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I COLLECT and seriously want to buy, for my personal collection

Rockford area BEER, BREWERY items.

I am a long-term collector of exonumia: tokens, medals, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles. I am seriously interested in adding to my collections, and would like to buy your items. PLEASE offer any items in the following area of:

Rockford AREA BEER and SODA items: I collect beer and soda advertising items from Rockford area towns, such as Belvidere, Freeport, Pecatonica and Rockford. Specifically, I seek BEER and liquor items issued by any of the following breweries, such as trays, signs, beer scrapers, etched glasses, tokens, etc., but NOT beer bottles (but I do seek liquor bottles). The following is a list of known breweries from this area, with only a few known items from these brewers:




annual barrels In business to:

BELVIDERE, Illinois.


J. Heywood Brewery. 500 ca. 1885
Frederick Finder Brewery (Fred. Finder)
Possibly also under Rockford IL.
2,000 1880-1888
Geo. J. Schlenk Brewery. 500 1891-ca. 1905
John Waldock Brewery (John Waldeck Brewery) 15 ca. 1875-1879
The Belvidere Brewery was erected in 1854, by E. Whitforth, at a cost, of $10,000. Its capacity is twenty barrels per day. It is now (Sept., 1877) operated by John Waldock. Born in Bedfordshire, England, January 16, 1844; he came to this country in 1856; Came to Belvidere in 1860; was in the army, Co. D, 15th I. V. I. ; promoted to first-lieutenant; married Eliza Dupuy, from Rockford.

April 27th, 1861.

On the 27th day of April. A.D. 1861, I enlisted in a military company being formed at Marengo, Illinois, from the towns of Coral, Genoa, Hampshire, Seneca, Dunham, Marengo and Riley. So we at once proceeded to elect our Company Officers, with the following result: May 1st.

JOHN WALDOCK, of Marengo 2d Sergeant.

1st Lieutenant John Waldock. Mustered out June 18, 1864.
2d Sergeant John Waldock. Promoted 1st Sergeant, September 16, 1861;
promoted 2d Lieutenant, April 7, 1862; promoted 1st Lieutenant September 3d, 1862.
FREEPORT, Illinois.    
Beck Brewery   1849-1854
Bear Brewing Co.   1910
Knipschild Brewery.   ca. 1870
Haegele and Roth Brewery. 1,000 1895
Franz Bros. Brewery 1,500 1898
McGee Brothers Brewery.   1854
Wade Brewery.   1854-1856
Helena Hertrich Brewery.   1869 (issued Civil War Token)
Luella MIDEKE married Frederick SEITZ, son of August SEITZ (grocer in Freeport) and Martha HERTRICH (daughter of Helena HERTRICH /BECK, owner of the Freeport Brewery)    
Baier & Seyfarth. 5,000 1869-1891
Baier & Ohlendorf. 18,000 1891-1912
The Armin Neubert family had hardly settled in Wisconsin when a better offer was received from the Baier & Ohlendorf Brewery in Freeport, Illinois. Once on the job, Armin found the plant's production in a sorry state, with an output of only 265 barrels per month. He set about to correct matters, and his efforts were soon exceeding expectations. By July of the following year, in a mere eight months, he had increased production nearly six fold, to 1500 barrels per month!

When the Minneapolis Brewing Co. learned of his achievement, Armin was offered the top position of Production Superintendent of this first rank brewery. Henry Baier offered to make Armin a partner if he would stay on in Freeport, but the Minnesota offer was too good to pass up.

Above courtesy of BREWERYGEMS
B & O Brewery.   1912-1920
Jos. Milner & Bros. Brewery. 500 1864-ca. 1880
George Milner & Co.   ca. 1905
Ohlendorf Brewery   1934
Yellow Creek Brewery.    
M. Schmich & Co.
M. Matthew Schmich & Co. Brewery
5,000 1888-1896
Franz Bros. Brewing Co.   1917
Schmich Bros. Brewing Co. 12,000 1910
Schmich Bros. Brewery    
Fritz Brewing Co.   1937
Sterling Brewers Inc.   1937-1939
A. Stevens & Co. Brewery   c.1865-1885
Pecatonica, Illinois    
Wm. Berridge Brewery. 500 ca. 1885
Charles Hayer Brewery. 500 1888
Ernst Wenzel Brewery. 500 1894
Ernst Wenzel of Pecatonica. Trade names for the brewery in the alley between Jackson & Taylor, Pecatonica, Illinois.
Wm. Berridge 1874-1882
Joseph Berridge 1882-1884
Charles Hayer 1884-1888
Ernst Wenzel 1888-1891
Closed in 1891
Status of the brewery properties is unknown.
Rockford, Illinois.    
J. W. Diamond Brewery. 135 ca. 1875-1877
Fisher, Wahl & Co. Brewery 495 ca. 1875-1877
Fisher & Wahl Brewery. 1,000 1892
Aug. Kauffman Brewery. 1,000 ca. 1885
Lill & Diversey Brewery.   1846
Jonathan Peacock Brewery. 1,000 1849-ca. 1885
Jonathan Peacock & Son Brewery. 3,000 1884-1896
Peacock Brewery. 4,000 1897-1899
Peterson & Davis Brewery. 5 ca. 1875
Rockford Brewery.   1903
Rockford Brewing Co.   1933-1936/37
Rockford Brewing Company of Rockford, IL.
Trade names for the Rockford Brewery, Products:
Goldeck Beer 1933 - 1935
R.B. Select Beer 1933 - 1935
Pet Ritz Beer 1933 - 1937
Rock River Brewing Co. Samuel Hirsch.   1937-1940/41
Rock River Brewing Company of Rockford, IL
Trade names Rock River Brewing Company
Coronet Old Vat Beer 1937 - 1941
Goldenrod Beer 1937 - 1941
Little Chief Beer 1937 - 1941
A. Schlenk Brewery.   1874-ca. 1875
Skandia Pop Mfg. Co. Brewery (?)   1893-1893
Graham's Sour Mash Wiskey. Decanter known.  
Geo. Lincoln Excelsior Lager. amber bottle known.  
Rockford Brewing Co.   1998-99.

I am also interested in buying advertising items from area pop and soda bottlers, but NOT bottles. I seek trays, glasses, openers and other advertising, but not printed cards. If you are interested in Illinois or other U.S. brewing, please check the U-Permit Index.

Rockford Area Pop and Soda Bottlers.
Belvidere, Illinois.  
Dooley & Mullen.  
James Walsh.  
Freeport, Illinois.  
Baier and Ohlendorf.  
Johns and Lyman.  
Galloway & Lyman.  
John Schmich.  
Matt Schmich.  
Jacob O. Young.  
Rockford, Illinois.  
Boyer Brothers.  
J.M. Clarke.  
J.A. Holland.  
Bob Lincoln.  
George Lincoln.  
Alfred Lundquist.  
C.J. Nelson.  
Rockford Hygiene Spring Co.  
P.W. Welch, bottler.  
Wilson Bottling Co., Inc.  

If you have any item from any of these issuers, or other area BREWING, Liquor or soda/pop items, please advise. I am seriously interested in buying such items for my personal collection, NOT for resale, and will pay top dollar for quality items.

Information on this page from "The Register of United States Breweries", Friedrich and Bull, and from "Soft Drink Bottling: A History with special reference to Illinois", Paul-Parmalee.


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