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I COLLECT and seriously want to buy, for my personal collection
any ENARDOE magic palming coin.

picture coming.

In Memory of
Edward O. Drane

My grandfather Paul Bauer's sister Olga married Harry Olsen of Polo, IL. They had a daughter Edith, who married Ed Drane. They first lived in an apartment on Halsted St. in Chicago, where they made magic puzzles by hand. My mother, Virginia, remembers them making "Egg in the Bag", and storing boxes of tricks in the closets. The Dranes eventually hired people to make the tricks and moved the business to a warehouse. "E O Drane" backwards is "Enardoe". As a child I remember visiting them, and being facinated by the simple tricks he would demonstrate. There was a plastic tube trick with a rubber band inside, with the idea of catching the rubber band with another piece (which was impossible). Harry had four children by a first marriage: Russell (of Mt. Morris, IL), Beverly, Sally and ?

If you have any items you think might be of interest, PLEASE call or send an e-mail, as I am seriously interested in buying additional items for my personal collections.

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