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The Ore Vacketta Collection of 11000 Different Illinois Trade Tokens.

NCTA Mail/Email Sale 10.
Closed 2 December 2008

RARE and Scarce Trade Tokens from the VACKETTA Collection and others, all ILLINOIS.

This is a MAIL/Email BID SALE of Illinois Trade Tokens. A trade token, or "Good-For" token is a metal, plastic or wood token with the merchant name, usually with city and state, and a denomination. Tokens are similar to coins, but were used due to a shortage of coinage, or to encourage return business. Tokens without city/state are mavericks, with some being identified as Illinois tokens and depicted below with the city within brackets, ie. (Chicago).

If you are interested in buying any of these, you must place a bid prior to or on the closing date. See below for bidding rules. If you bid severeal days PRIOR to the closing date, I will send you a link to a daily-updated custom web page showing your bids, if you are the high bidder or have been outbid, and the new opening bid. To bid, you MUST send me your name, address and phone number. If you are successful, I will mail you a statement at the end of the sale with the balance due.

This is the VACKETTA Collection: The late Ore Vacketta was the author of the standard book on IL Trade Tokens (I have copies if you need one). These tokens are consigned to me by the family for sale to the highest bidder. The descriptions below ASSUME you have the book, with "V" numbers and abbreviated descriptions. Where there is only one token from a merchant, I have only briefly listed the merchant name. This is a ONCE in a LIFETIME Opportunity to buy! While there are common tokens from IL, this collection has many scarce to rare tokens, and represents a VERY RARE chance for you to acquire new tokens for your collections, at YOUR price. There are NO minimum bids, other than the excessively cheap $4 per token. While the larger lots of 20-50+ tokens might seem initially to be expensive, careful consideration will reveal this is truly a rare chance to buy! Try buying scarce to rare tokens for $4 or so from your local coin dealer! Don't miss these sales, bid today!

WOODEN NICKELS: I have recently gotten another box from the family with Good-For wooden nickels, and have incorportated them into the lots below. Generally the wooden nickels in the descriptions below have a stated denomination, NOT just the implied 5c reverse. The GF woods are generally fairly scarce, and should be more widely collected (as should the plastic tokens). If you collect a regional area, you really need to buy the woods and modern plastic tokens, as they quickly go out of business and become rare. Don't limit your collecting to the metal tokens!

Estimates: There are none, sorry, but there is a $4 minimum bid per TOKEN for the metal tokens. Generally, the smaller the town and the less tokens known from the town, the higher the value. Bids in the $20-50+ range are usually successful on most tokens, but some rarer towns have been bringing $100-250+. I strongly recommend you bid early and check your daily updates, and increase your bids as necessary.

Estimates and Small Towns: While there are no estimates, I have noted the existance of rare towns, and suggest the relative value of the lot by the amount of capitalization of the comment. Thus a token described as "VERY RARE SMALL TOWN" should be worth more than one listed as "Small Town"

This SALE: I have put a number of tokens by CITY into single lots. If you collect that city, but only need a few tokens, please be sure to bid to get your desired tokens, and sell the balance to your local collectors. I don't know every collector, and some lots in every sale go quite cheaply. Don't miss this chance to buy!

BIDDING RULES and Information:
Usual NCTA rules, no bid reductions, except bids over $100 are reduced (but not to less than $100 and not more than by 50%)
MINIMUM BID: $4 per metal token for all lots, with some exceptions (unless otherwise specified: MB=Min.Bid). Bids below the minimum bid cannot be entered into our computer, sorry. Please note that lots with two tokens have a MB of $8, three a MB of $12, etc., even if there is no MB specifically stated for that lot. $4 per token is very cheap and only a few lots sell for the minimum bid.
Information shown within brackets ( ) is NOT on the token.
The town name is ON each token, but the state is sometimes missing, except as follows:
Where the listing is, for example, IL (Chicago), the city AND state are NOT on the token.
AND, where there is more than one token in a lot, AND it is listed in Vacketta, the existance or not of the town name is not further noted. Unlisted tokens are generally FULLY described obv/rev. However, I have not given the exact line arrangement for the reverses, nor have I noted the size. Note that unlisted tokens are fully described within quotes ("xxx") and IF the city name is on the token, it is so listed. Some unlisted tokens were attributed to the stated city by Vacketta and do NOT have the city name on the token (a maverick). If the grade is not shown, the token is in average condition. I have attempted to comment on low-grade and/or damaged pieces, especially if rarer.
Vacketta numbers are shown on IL tokens, R1-6 rarity scale for Illinois tokens:
R1=common, R2= 30-50 known; R3=20-30 known, R4=Rare, 10-20 known, R5 Very Rare, 5-10 known, R6 Extremely Rare, 1-5 known.
Abbreviated descriptions!!
You do NOT have to be a NCTA member to bid. Your name/address/phone MUST be on file to bid.
Please bid your maximum amount via email to me at
Postage and insurance are extra. $1 for 1-3 tokens, about $2-4/postage for 4 or more tokens, plus insurance.
Payments by CHECK or money order ONLY (NO Paypal, Sorry!)
EMAIL Me if you have any questions!


Metal: BR: Brass (bronze), AL: Aluminum, N-S: Nickel-Silver
obv/rev: Obverse/Reverse.

Grades: Unc: Uncirculated
AU: About Uncirculated
XF: Extremely Fine
VF: Very Fine
F: Fine
VG: Very Good
G: Good

GF: Good For (denomination)
IT: In Trade, IM: In Merchandise
Tokens from the Ore Vacketta Collection, author of the IL Trade Token book.
About 11,000 Different IL tokens, to be sold on eBay, NTCA and World Exonumia mail/email sales.
PLEASE email me your 'wants' to get on my mailing list. LOTS more coming up!

Some towns might be out of alphabetical order, sorry! Please check carefully.


ALL of the following tokens in this section are of the same basic type, with INCUSE lettering for the merchant name (and city, etc.), generally with the denomination in regular relief. The vast majority are UNIFACE (one sided), often with the reverse side having a 'stock' die with the name/address of the manufacturer, such as Schmidt of St.Louis.


1751. IL Abingdon: BILLIARD. Faralli Billiard Parlor, BR XF.

1752. IL Alton. Fuller, Schmidt rev. "5c" punch-marked out. BR, oct.

1753. IL Alton: Town Tavern. V-23 (but Vacketta fails to mention "Town Tavern" is incuse). V: "2318-20 E B'dway, 1937, now at 1400 Br'way Town Club Tavern, John Nicoloa Owner". BR, nice XF.

1754. IL Ashton. Bill & Dee's Tap AL V02 AU.

1755. IL Aviston: Unlisted. "Frankie's Tavern/GF10cIT" scalloped BR; Moss Tavern 02-5, 02-10. 3pcs, 1 unlisted.

1756. IL Bartelso: Vacketta PLATE Specimen. Single variety town V01, plate. R5

1757. IL (Belleville): 3 Unlisteds! "F.B. Frees At Bar/GF5c" scalloped AL; Same, "In Trade"; "Roma Bar 5cIT" BR. 3pcs.

1758. IL 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety, some scarcer towns. Great lot for the beginner or the dealer for resale. Includes common pieces of course! Some duplication by merchant, all different denominations. (MB $275.00)

1759. IL Belleville: Unlisted Merchant. "Geo. Wagner/GF5c/Belleville//(Illig&Hartman)" Sq.BR, Dark VF, hole-cancelled. Scarce!

1760. IL (Bloomington) Unlisted. "Schenk Bros. GF 2 1/2c IT" Red Fiber.

1761. IL (Bluffs): Unlisted TOWN! Marked "Bluffs" on 2x2, not "Bluff": "Chas. Sheets GF5ctsIT" BR. TAMS Maverick #11943, ca. 1913. One other Bluffs token from Isaac McIntire is known.

1762. IL Breese. Jupe's Tavern V03; Kozy Korner VA05; Ribbing's Tavern V07. 3pcs.

1763. IL Brighton. Joe's Tavern V02 AL R5 VF.

1764. IL Brighton. Joe's Pool Room V01, V02 and same, but Brass, unlisted. 3pcs.

1765. IL Browning: RARE SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! M.H. Shippey V01, ca. 1914. Nice XF. R6, rare!

1766. IL Brussels: Female SALOON! A. Stahl V01, Anna Stahl rare Female issuer! Single variety town, was a saloon ca.1890.

1767. IL (Cambridge) Unlisted. "S.R. Borkgren/GF5ctsIT" BR, scalloped, F/VF. Vacketta: 1925.

1768. IL Campbell Hill. L.H Rubach V02-5; Wib & Graces V05. 2pcs, R6/each.

1769. IL Campus. J.F. Haack V02, ca. 1914. 2 merchant town. R6.

1770. IL Canton. Mac's VB10, AL R4.

1771. IL Carbondale. Aerie No 2569 VC01, AL R5

1772. IL Carlyle. C.J. Roberts VA02 BR R6; Wayne's Brass Rail V05 AL R6. 2pcs

1773. IL Carlyle: Unlisted, ". "Carlyle Recreation Center/GF5CtsIT//(Schmidt)" BR XF, nice!

1774. IL Centralia. Arcade 2 1/2c IT, BR V01-2.5; same V02 Fiber. R5/each 2pcs

1775. IL Centralia: Lot. Arcade 2 1/2c IT V01-2 1/2 BR VF/spots; Same, unlisted in RED FIBER; "West Side Hotel/GF5cIT//(Schmidt)" Square Red Fiber! 3pcs. (MB $20.00)

1776. IL Champaign: Unusual 2c Denomination! James & Ewing GF 2c IT VC09, AL R6

1777. IL Chester: Unlisted BPOE! "B.P.O.E. 1629/GF5ctsIT/Chester, Ill." BR, octagon, Schmidt rev., XF.

1778. IL (Chicago): George W. Lauterback. "G.W.L./GF 2 1/2C.IT//(Schmidt)" (Re: Vacketta: 1915 Dun, Teas & Coffee). Red Fiber, XF.

1779. IL (Chicago) Mostly Unlisted! "H. Albrecht & Co. GF25cIT" BR scallops, ca. 1915, badly holed; "F.B. Frees GF5cIT" AL 4scallops; Gibby's GB17; Hertz H42 BR; "J. Stach GF5cAtTheBar" (John, Saloon ca 1909) BR 5pcs. 9pcs. (MB $30.00)

1780. IL Christopher Lot. Boots Tavern D01; Elders Pool Hall G01; "Mat Perenchio/GF5cIT" BR scallops AU; Vic's Place B02a, B02b, same unlisted 10cts, square AL. 6pcs (MB $30.00)

1781. IL (Coal City) Unlisted. "Joe Jachino/GF10ctsIT/Tavern" AL oct. TAMS maverick #11019. XF.

1782. IL Collinsville. Moose Club V01 Vacketta PLATE specimen; Same V02. 2pcs AL R4/ea.

1783. IL Columbia. Monnie's V03 AL R5.

1784. IL Dupo: Small Town. V.F.W. Post 6368 V02, AL R4, Unc.

1785. IL (DuQuoin) Unlisted, ca. 1900. "W.G./GFOne5cLoaf/Bread//(blank)" BR William Geiger, Bakery (2pcs); Similiar with dingbats instead of 'bread'. 3pcs. Early!

1786. IL Earlville: Set. Joe's Tap V01 set of 4 different.

1787. IL East Alton. Joe's Tavern V01, AL Unc.

1788. IL East St. Louis: MILK & Unlisted. Schmeider Bros. GF 1 Quart Milk C-09 AL F/VF; "E.St.L./GF 2 1/2c/131 Winstanley//(blank)" AL XF+. 2pcs (MB $25.00)

1789. IL Edwardsville. L. Vanzo's V09 AL R5

1790. IL Elgin: EARLY INCUSE Svea Society, ca. 1885. An early token! "Svea Society/(stars)/Elgin" V15 BR R4 VF.

1791. IL Elliott: Single Variety Town! Dix Club V01 AL AU nice!

1792. IL Fairfield. Grand Billiard Parlor Bozo Jones V02; Bozo Jones V03 Vacketta PLATE Specimen, V04, V05, V07. 5pcs.

1793. IL Fairmount. Mac's Place V02 AL Unc.

1794. IL (Flanagan) Unlisted. "Flanagan's Rec. Parlor/GF5ctsIT" Sq BR AU. TAMS maverick 12901.

1795. IL Godfrey: SINGLE VARIETY RARE TOWN. D.L. Roberts V01 Choice XF, AL, R6.

1796. IL Grantfork: Small Town! Grantfork Recreation VA01 AL R5.

1797. IL Green Valley. J. Viviano V03 BR R4

1798. IL Hanover. Whalen's Rec. V03 AL R6, XF.

1799. IL (Herrin) BREAD. "Brenner Bros/GF1Loaf/Bread//(Blank)" BR; Same, rev. c/m "Clark's"; "Idel Hour/GF5CtsTrade/-O-//(Schmidt)" BR (re: Cardiff). 3pcs

1800. IL (Herscher) UNLISTED Town! Cigars. "Johnson & Lane/GF5cCigar//(Schmidt mark)" BR XF.

1801. IL Highland. K & G V-A03 AL XF.

1802. IL Hoopeston: Unlisted. "Brownie/GF10CtsIT/Hoopeston, Ill.//(blank)" AL; Manhattan Cocktail Lounge V07-5, 10c, 25c. 4pcs, XF-Unc.

1803. IL Jacksonville: C. Batz & Son, ca. 1900. Listed in Rulau Gay Nineties. V01 BR R6 Fine, pitting.

1804. IL Jacksonville: Unlisted. The Drexel V03; Same, unlisted 10c IT square AL; V05. 3pcs

1805. IL Jerseyville. Pla-Mor V04 BR R5 XF

1806. IL Kankakee. Neckopulos Bros. V11; Same, but AL; Rozzie Cheeta V14. 3pcs.

1807. IL Kewanee. Sobotta's Tavern VA34 BR R5.

1808. IL Kirkwood: Small Town! Kirkwood Pool Hall 10c V02 AL R5.

1809. IL Lafayette: SMALL TOWN! Riley's Place V02 AL R5, VF.

1810. IL Lebanon. Mike Koebel GF 5c Drink (NOT "A Drink"), AL R5 holed; Restawhile V03 (reverse has "&" incuse). Both exactly the same, including center hole, so probably same person. 2pcs.

1811. IL Leonore. Mary's Tavern V02 Unc; V03; Smitty's Tavern V07-5 Unc. 3pcs.

1812. IL Litchfield: HEART-shape! S. Hart V03 XF; Howdy Pap 1634 VA05 AL HEART-Shape, XF. 2pcs.

1813. IL Maryville: SINGLE VARIETY TOWN! Oberto's Tavern V01 AL R6, Unc, nice!

1814. IL Mendota. Johnson's VA09 2.5c IT; McDonald & Nelson (miss-spelling) V20, F+. 2pcs.

1815. IL Milford: Unlisted. "Borg's Tavern/GF5ctsIT/Milford, Ill.//(Schmidt)" BR, large hole at edge; "Fred L. Hines/GF5cIT" scalloped AL, AU. 2pcs

1816. IL (Monmouth) Unlisted. "Kettering/GF/1/Bottle Returned//(blank)" oct. AL XF. Grocery ca 1914. W.T. Kettering.

1817. IL Momence Unlisted BAKERY - Scarce Town! "Momence Bakery/GF/1/Loaf Bread/W.J.Dixon (i)//(blank)" Fully incuse early style, oct AL UNC NICE!!

1818. IL (Morton) Unlisted. "Al's Place/GF5cIT/144 S. Main//(Schmidt)" BR oct, TAMS maverick 4355. XF.

1819. IL Mount Auburn: SCARCE SMALL TOWN. Two variety town: Pastime Pool Room V02, AL R5.

1820. IL Mt. Olive. Was a Saloon 1911-18: W.M. Pohs V07. BR XF R6.

1821. IL Nashville. G.R. McNary A03 AL ch R6.

1822. IL Neunert: UNLISTED TOWN! "H.D. Miesner/5c/Neunert Ill.//(Schweizer mark)" AL VF.

1823. IL Neunert: UNLISTED TOWN! Set of 2: "H.D. Miesner/10c/Neunert Ill.//(Schweizer mark)" AL scallops; Same, 50c Oct. AL XF. 2pcs (MB $15.00)

1824. IL New Athens. Hi-Way Tavern VA02 AL R5 Unc.

1825. IL New Baden. Mar's Tavern V09 AL R5 AU.

1826. IL New Memphis. Ernie's Tav. V01, AL R4

1827. IL O'Fallon: Bakery. Winters Bakery V03-5; 10c. 2pcs AL R6/each.

1828. IL Paris. A. Phillips V02 BR R6 nice.

1829. IL Patoka: UNLISTED TOWN! "Wasem & Davis/GF5cAtBar//(star)" BR old style. Louis Wasem & J.H. Davis, ca. 1915 grocery store. TAMS maverick 3630,12911. Rare!

1830. IL Peru. Jake's Place VE11, BR R5 large old style.

1831. IL Pieron: Scarce SMALL Town. Cune Ward V03, BR R6. Vacketta: ca. 1914 Saloon, paid $12.50.

1832. IL Prairie du Rocher: Unlisted. "L.J. Barbeau/GF5ctsIT/Prairie du Rocher//(Schmidt)" BR XF, nice!

1833. IL Rankin: Full Set! Single Merchant town: Jack's Pool Room V01 5c,10c,25c, AL R5/ea, Unc.

1834. IL Rossville. Whitey's V09 AL R4.

1835. IL Sadoras: Unlisted. Fritz's Tavern V01-10 BR R6; "Fred K. Lewis/GF 2 1/2 C. IT//(Schmidt)" (re: Cardiff) TAMS maverick 12493, BR, XF.

1836. IL St. Jacob: Rare SMALL Town! St. Jacob T.V. V02 BR R6 XF+.

1837. IL Salem. The Club V03 BR R6 XF.

1838. IL Schram City: Vacketta PLATE Specimen. H.G. Rucker V01 AL R6

1839. IL Sherrard: Rare SINGLE VARIETY Town! E.L. Huggins V01 AL R6 XF. Vacketta: "Rare"

1840. IL Sidell. Porter's Place V01 (2pcs), V02. AL R5/ea 3pcs, VF. (MB $8.00)

1841. IL Sigel: Unlisted. "Dixie Cafe/GF10cIT/Sigel, Ill.//(Schmidt)" Sq. AL XF.

1842. IL Sparta: Unlisted. "Cox Annex/GF5cIT/Sparta, Ill.//(Schmidt)" Red fiber, VG-XF strike.

1843. IL Sparta: Unlisted. George Bradley V01 AL R6; "Holdoway Bros/GF1Loaf/Bread//(star)" Bakery, 1914 Dun. BR AU. 2pcs.

1844. IL Spring Valley. Valley Smoke House VN17 5c (bent), 10c. R6/each, 2pcs.

1845. IL Streator. W.J. & R.M. Schmitz VC74; D740 25c, 50c VF-XF/ea; "Harry Wilson/5c/IT//H". Oct AL V: 113 N Bloominton St., G/F. 4pcs.

1846. IL Streator. Proud's VA68 AL R6 Unc.

1847. IL Utica: Peter Carlson, ca. 1900. Should be listed in Rulau's Gay Nineties, as is ca. 1900. Neat old style VA03 5cDrinkAtBar, BR oct. R6 Dark VF.

1848. IL Waggoner: Unlisted Merchant. "Wilson & Gerlach/GF 2 1/2 C. IT//(Schmidt)" BR VF.

1849. IL Warsaw. Bill's Tavern V01, AL holed; Jumper's Tavern V06; Kenny's Tavern V07. 3pcs.

1850. IL Watseka. Art Caron VB02 AL R5 XF.

1851. IL Williamsfield. Herk's Place V03 AL R5 XF

1852. IL (Crainville - Williamson County): UNLISTED TOWN: In Rulau, ca. 1880. Listed on p. 959 of 1700-1900 Rulau as Williamson County. Vacketta attributes to Crainville. Early style! "T.E. Cagle/GF25cIT//(blank)" Fully incuse BR, XF, nice.

1853. IL Wood River. City Club V01 BR R5 darkish XF.

1854. IL Worden: Vacketta PLATE Specimen. Aug. Zirges V03 AL R6 XF.


Illinois Trade tokens by city:

1855. IL Prison Token SET. Some years ago I purchased a huge quantity of IL prison tokens, some varieties consisting of thousands of brand new tokens. However, upon careful sorting, there were less than 25 examples of two denominations! So while some of these are and will always be very common, full sets are fairly scarce! Another dealer put some of these on eBay, getting $3 to $25 EACH for the more common pieces. Consists of "East Moline Correctional Center" silver-dollar sized 35mm annodized variously colored AL tokens, 5c, 25c, $1, $5 and $10. "Shawnee Correctional Center" Black AL 1c, 25mm. "Vienna Correctional Center", 35mm, colored AL 35mm: 1c (2 different), 5c,10c,25c (AL & Purple),$1,$5,$10. Scarce SET of 15 DIFFERENT, 3 cities. These have been retired from the Prison system and they now use a card-system. Mostly XF-UNC. 15 different. (MB $55.00)

1856. IL Prison Token Partial Set. As above, but 10 different. Mostly XF/AU-UNC. (MB $30.00)

1857. IL 100 Different Non-Chicago. Nicer lot of 100 all-metal IL tokens, good variety, some scarcer towns. Great lot for the beginner or the dealer for resale. Includes common pieces of course! Some duplication by merchant, all different denominations. (MB $275.00)

1858. IL Addieville: Single Variety Town. Addie Inn V01, unlisted as 5c IT. AL VF/XF, minor crud.

1859. IL Antioch. Y. Vancura V02, a Saloon. BR

1860. IL Arenzville: Unlisted. "Onken Bros. & Meyer/Arenzville,/Ill.//GF25cIM" AL, F/VF

1861. IL Arenzville: Unlisted Set! "Oaken Bros. & Meyer/Arenzville,/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, set of 5c,10c,25c,50c,1.00. 5pcs, XF.

1862. IL Augusta. F.M. King's Sons Co. V01 5c (2pcs), 25c. All unlisted with "KE" countermark. 3pcs, XF.

1863. IL Aurora. The Colonial V09; J.F. Sullivan V36 (2). 3pcs, cruddy VG-F.

1864. IL Aurora. Aurora Athletic Club VF01 BR AU; "Hi's" Place V19-5 BR XF; Marine Grill VD23 XF; Wm. J. Olinger BR R5 dark XF; 7th Ward Boosters Club V32 XF; Stag Inn Stagger Out (!) V33-5 XF; J.J. Sullivan V36 XF. 7pcs (MB $30.00)

1865. IL Batavia. Lincoln Tavern V04 5c, 25c. 2pcs. UNC.

1866. IL (Beach Park) UNLISTED TOWN. "Cruisers/(old auto)//GF/(glass)/One Drink" Plastic. 38498 N Sheridan Rd. Unc.

1867. IL (Beardstown) Unlisted. "Anton/Rink//GF5cIT" BR XF.

1868. IL Belleville. Creotine Remedies (quack medical!) V04 BR Unc (6pcs) holed as made; Joe. Krieg V11; Red & Hazel V29; Skip & Joe's V37. 9pcs.

1869. IL Belvidere. "5% Off On/Any Cash/Purchase/Over $50.00/Countryman/Lumber Co./Belvidere, IL//Wooden Nickel/(Indian)" wood.

1870. IL Belvidere: Ike's. GF 10c IT. AL, Unc.

1871. IL Belvidere. "Belvidere/(moose logo)/Lodge 295//Belvidere/50c/Lodge 295" black on white plastic.

1872. IL Belvidere. "Good For/1 Free Gal. H20/The Oasis/816 1/2 S. State/Belvidere, IL./61008//One/Wooden Buck" wood.

1873. IL Berwyn/Cicero Dual Town: Sportsman's Park Houby Day, 1974. Large Gold AL with Mushroom, Racing Horse. Unc.

1874. IL Batavia: Unlisted. "Riverview Confectionery/No. 1/E. Wilson St./Batavial, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL XF/crud.
COMMENT: Jerry Bunt has more, retail $6

1875. IL Berwyn: Nice Lot & Unlisteds. "Bud's/Lounge/6715 W. Ogden Ave./Berwyn, IL...//FreeDrinkFor10Tokens" GR Plastic; Charley's Tavern A01; Same, but unlisted AL 25c XF; "Family Liquors/Ernie//GFOneDrink" Red plastic (6428 W Cermack); "A Bite to Eat/Lou's Villa/6615/W. Roosevelt/Road/A Bit to Drink//GF5cIT" BR XF; "Millers/708/484-4430/Place//One/Free/Drink" Yellow Plastic; The Pier V04; Same, unlisted 5c AL UNC; "Stepp Inn/Cocktail/Lounge/8809/W. Roosevelt Rd.//5cDrinks" BR XF; "Turk's/Top Shelf/Tavern//(blank)" yellow plastic (2pcs); Same but $1/red; $2/blue (Turk's Bar 2142 S Oak Park, 1998); White Castle 5c Bottle Deposit c/b (2pcs)(generic, from Ogden & Harlem WC). 15pcs. (MB $75.00)

1876. IL Cambridge: Set. Farmer's Inn V03 5c & 10c, R4/ea, XF. 2pcs (MB $10.00)

1877. IL Canton: Unlisted. "Billy's/Tavern/Canton, Ill.//GF5cIT" BR scallops XF.

1878. IL Canton. Canton Elks V01 5c, 10c. 2pcs G/VG.

1879. IL Carlinville. Marie & Bert's VB01 AL VF.

1880. IL Carlyle. V.F.W. Post 3523 V04 AL VF.

1881. IL Carterville: COAL. Carterville Merchantile Co. V01-25 AL R6 VF dark.

1882. IL Cedar Point: Nice Lot, Unlisteds. Jack's Place V05-25 (3pcs); Same, unlisted oval 5c; V08; A09; same, unlisted as 5c BR; "Jack & Mary's/C.P.//GF5cIT" BR; "Jack/&/Mary/C.P.//GF25cIT" Zinc scallops; L&M Tavern VG09 5c, 10c, Unc; Same, unlisted as Round 5c, BR, XF; McGunnigal as VH09, but unlisted as zinc (2pcs); Bill McGunnigal VI09; A10 (3pcs). 19pcs (MB $100.00)

1883. IL Cedarville: Single Merchant Town. J.D. Strohm V01 10c Toned XF, laquer R6

1884. IL (Centralia) Unlisteds. "Little Pippin/Cigar Store/410 E. 5th St.//GF5cIT" BR VF dark; "302/A/M/C/E. 7th St.//GF25cIT" BR scallops spots. 2pcs. Attributions by consignor.

1885. IL Champaign. Main Recreation V15 AL G/VG

1886. IL Champaign. Congress Cigar Store V04-5 BR VF; Jim Craig's Congress V07 BR R5, XF. 2pcs (MB $10.00)

1887. IL Chicago COIN CLUB Lot. SILVER medal for 25th Anniv 1919-1944, Lincoln; 4 different elongated cents for 1961 Fall Festival. 5pcs.

1888. IL Hickey Brothers Lot. LaSalle Hotel No 54 H51 5c, 1.00 AL; H52-25; No. 59 Hotel AllertonH 55-5. 4pcs.

1889. IL (Chicago). Cielak's Tavern VCA73 10c,20c,25c. Full set of 3 (MB $10.00)

1890. IL Chicago: Unlisted PICTORIAL DAIRY. "C.H. Fischer/1/Pint/Chicago//(dairy can)" BR VF, spots.

1891. IL Chicago: OLD STYLE, TWO pcs, ca. 1900. Britten/Coop/$1.00/Check/Chicago//(blank), BR, beaded border. Same, $2. 2pcs.

1892. IL Riverview Park Token. The famous amusement park, near Chicago (I recall going there as a kid, and winning a chalk figurine!). "One Free Trial/R.P." obv/rev. N-S, 25mm, XF.

1893. IL Chicago BANK. State Bank of Chicago VSB116 BR R6, VF/XF minor stains.

1894. IL Chicago LOT. Interesting lot: M. Born VB78; Chatter Box VC47-5; "Danny's Tap Room/1443/Elk Grove Ave.//GF5cIT" AL; neat! "The/Exclusive-/Inviation Club/The/Desert/Inn...25c" BR, spots; Helsing's H34; James VJ11-5; Jeppson's VJA18; Kinzie Grill VKA24 R5; "L and H/1704/W. Chicago/Ave./Store for Men//GF5cIT" AL (2pcs); LaPlaya L14 with "M" cutout!; Mayfair Grill VM34-25; Newtown Peep Shows VNA14; Rustic Club PICTORIAL (wheel) VR67 spots; 17 West Lake VS35; Square Deal VS108-5; same, unlisted 10c, UNC; Frank Thornber ELECTION SUPPLIES VT11. 17pcs (MB $40.00)

1895. IL Chicago Lot. Boston Clothing - Willoughby, Hill; "H. Dusing/899/Devon Ave.//GF5cIT" BR, cleaned; Grand Central VG32; Hannah & Hogg; "Pan American/79/Monroe St.//2 1/2cRebate" BR; "Take my Tip - Wear a Rubber Outfit/Marcus Ruben/390 State Street, Chicago (man)//..." BR, spots; "E.W. Schneider/6200/S.Halsted St.//GF5cAtBar" AL; "The/People's/Mint/Washington/Shirt Co...//GF 1/2c..." AL. 8pcs

1896. IL Chicago: Tokens with CUT-OUTS. Interesting lot of Chicago tokens all with cut-out letters, shapes, holes-as-made, etc., including Star, triangle, "B", clover, diamond, c/h as-made, etc. 25 different, BR, AL, nice average. (MB $60.00)

1897. IL Chicago: $1.00 Pictorial Token Lot of 37 Different. Choice lot of old mostly silver-dollar sized $1.00 Chicago tokens, 10 pictorials including Chez Paree, Ivanhoe, Town House, Northwestern Rathskeller, etc., 2 with scallops, mostly Brass, N-S, 2 AL, 2 with holes-as-made. Nice lot, should be all different, average, some choice, a few poor. 37pcs. (MB $30.00)

1898. IL Mavericks (possibly Chicago?) SODA. "Wabash/Club/A.H. Salzman//GF/1/Soda" Oct. AL Unc (3pcs); "A Bad Penny Will Return/Mead's/Grocery//GF1cIM" TAMS #1376 BR Dark. 4pcs (MB $5.00)

1899. IL Cicero Lot. "Black Cat Cafe/5544/W. 25th/St./Cicero, Ill.//GF5cIT" AL; Klas VB18; Turf Club V27 (3). 5pcs.

1900. IL Cicero: LARGE LOT, Unlisteds! PART I. From the estate of a serious collector of Berwyn and Cicero exonumia: "American/Liquor/Stores, Inc./2007-09/S. Cicero Ave.//GF10cIM" BR XF; Annetta Tap Room VA02 R5; Bea's & Gene's V02-5 VF/crud, VF; Same, 25c; Black Cat Cafe V04 unlisted as 25c, XF; "Blaha's/Tavern/2301/So. 56th Ave//GF5cInDrinks" BR AU; "G.S.B.&Co./55//(blank)" G.S. Blakeslee & Co tool check, 1844 S Laramie Ave; "GF/OneFree/Drink/Bud's/Lounge//(blank)" grey plastic; Club Cicero V09; Same, unlisted 5c XF; Same, $1.00 XF; Cobra Cocktail Lounge as A10, unlisted 25c AL!; Same, unlisted 25c BR, diff. die; Cypress Lounge V11-5; Dynasty Lounge...Free Drink, yellow plastic; 4811 Club V12-25 (2pcs); The Frolics A13 unlisted 5c XF; Same, 50c R5; Hi Hat Lounge V15-5; Same unlisted in AL; Same, 25c; "John's Tavern 1 More Time" c/b'; "Just/One/More/863-0928//(blank)" yellow plastic; "For Just/One More/863-0928//(blank)" black. 26pcs (MB $120.00)

1901. IL Colchester: Unlisted! "GF/5/(on bar:)Farmer & Smith/IM//GF5IM", VG, dings; "Farmer/&/Smith (letters scratched out)/Colchester//GF25IM", AG. Both AL, BOTH very old styles, 2pcs.

1902. IL Cottage Hills: Unlisted. "Old New Moon/Cottage/Hills//GF10cIM" BR

1903. IL Conant: UNLISTED TOWN: 5c & 10c. "A.F. Beck & Sons/General/Merchandise/Conant,/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, octagon, VF; Same, 10c, VF/XF. (MB $10.00)

1904. IL Coulterville: J.C. Tate set of 5. Alum, 5,10,25,50,$1, about XF. (MB $15.00)

1905. IL Coulterville: Tate & Powell Set of 5. Alum, 5,10,25,50,$1, near mint. (MB $15.00)

1906. IL Conant: UNLISTED TOWN: 2 Different $1.00 ! "A.F. Beck/& Sons/Conant,/Ill.//GF$1.00IM" AL oct. XF; Same, but with "General/Merchandise" under name, AL oct. XF. 2pcs, both unlisted! (MB $15.00)

1907. IL Coulterville: Unlisted. "J.G. Tate/Coulterville, Ill.//GF50IM" AL 4 scallops VF a bit dark.

1908. IL Crainville. A.A. Alexander V01 5c & 25c, R6/ea 2pcs.

1909. IL Crainville: Full Set! A.A. Alexander, 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1.00, ca. 1914-16. AL R6/each, 5pcs, VF-Unc. (MB $20.00)

1910. IL Dana. V.G. Smith V04, old style, consignor states "Saloon". Dark Fine.

1911. IL (Danville) Bumgart DAIRY. VB04, AL R5, F/VF, pitting.

1912. IL (Danville) Set with Unlisted! Koch & Buy VD67; Same, smaller letters and GF5cInMerchandise, BR; "Koch & Buy/Groceries/Hardware/Feed Etc.//GF5cIM" BR. All 3 hole-cancelled by merchant. BR, 3 different, about VF.

1913. IL Danville. Brown Derby VF09 XF, spots

1914. IL Danville: Set. Club Manhattan (Farrell Bros.) V16 5c, 10c (2pcs). 3pcs XF-AU. (MB $10.00)

1915. IL Danville: UNLISTED Merchant. "Pointer-Coburn/Specialty/Mfg. Co./Danville,Ill.//GF5cIM" AL, XF

1916. IL Danville. Harold's Cigar Store V46 oversized 5c! VF, spots.

1917. IL Danville: PICTORIAL Dollar Sized. Leath's, Head of Scotsman, Large 38mm AL R4 XF

1918. IL Danville: 5 Beard ICE Co. Coupon Book. Lot of 3 Coupon books, each with sheets of 25# coupons, cover, serial #, for 500 Lbs. Near mint, complete. Plus same, for 1000 Lbs., at least one coupon missing. Plus same, for 10000 Lbs, at least 6 coupons missing. 6 booklets, MANY coupons! Near mint.

1919. IL Danville: Advertising Collar Stud. "100,000/Danville/Ill./Club" enameled in blue on bronze, collar stud, XF.

1920. IL Davis: Small Town. "Leona's/Davis/Ill.//Good/For 15c In/Trade" Oct. green plastic, older! (MB $15.00)

1921. IL Dixon: Unlisted. "Harry Osborne/Dixon, Ills.//GF25cIT" large 31mm, XF.

1922. IL Earlville. Ray's Tap V09 10c

1923. IL East Dubuque. The Circle V01-25 BR R4

1924. IL East Moline. Crown Room Regal Lanes (Bowling) VD04 AL

1925. IL Prison Token: East Moline. Single Token, my choice. Unc. (MB $4.00)

1926. IL Elgin: Unlisted. "Elgin/Rev. Robert Cole/Pastor/741-1475/Church of the Nazarene//(buffalo, etc.)" wood.

1927. IL Elgin: Unlisted. "GF $1.00 on Purchase Any Time/Perlman/Fine Jewelry/25 So. Grove/Elgin, Ill./Souvenir of Grand Opening//Wooden Dollar/etc." large $1 wood.

1928. IL Elkville: INGLE. Geo. A. Holiday V01-10c BR R4, edge spots.

1929. IL Farina. Ferrill & Crandall V01 10c,25c,50c. 10c&50c both cut-cancelled. BR R5/ea, 3pcs. VF.

1930. IL Farina. E.B. Hitch V05 5c AL R5 VF

1931. IL Forest Park UNLISTED CANDY. "Mareen's Candy/Shop/etc//GF10cIT. Oct. AL, dug, corr., edges bad, pitting.

1932. IL (Forreston) Unlisted Merchant. "Garfield's/Hilltop/Inn//Mixed/Drink" Blue plastic, ca. 1980.

1933. IL Freeport. "Bamberg's/Barn/Freeport,/Ill.//One Wooden Nickel/GF5ITAt" wood, red ink.

1934. IL (Freeport) DAIRY. "Elm Spring/Dairy/1/Quart//(blank)" Oct. AL XF. (MB $10.00)

1935. IL Freeport Wood - Steam Show. "J. Fawkes/State Fair/1859/Freeport,/Ill./First Steam Plow Demo//Stephenson Co. Antique (faint)/GF/A Cup of Coffee/etc. 1980" wood.

1936. IL Freeport. "Saint's/114 So. Chicago/Freeport, IL//GFOneDrink" wood.

1937. IL (Fulton) UNLISTED TOWN! "Good For/5c/In Trade/Bush & O'Brien//5c" BR scallops. TAMS maverick 10850 attribution. Nice XF, spot on edge.

1938. IL Galatia: Merchant Variety Set. Limerick Bros. V02 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1,$5, BR all R6 (!), F/VF, crud, pitting, probably dug. 6pcs. (MB $25.00)

1939. IL (Galesburg): Unlisted. "The Steak House/(steer head)/343-9994//(blank)" White on red plastic.

1940. IL Galesburg Lot. "Gold Chip Company..." plastic maverick; Illinois Baird V21; Lipsky VA23; White Elephant V46 5c,10c,20c. 6pcs (MB $15.00)

1941. IL Galva. Joe's Tavern V08 Fine

1942. IL Geneseo. Earl's Tavern V04 zinc R4 dark.

1943. IL Griggsville: UNLISTED Town. "Harry Carnes/Griggsville,/Ill.//GF50cIT" Pool & Cardroom. AL AU nice!

1944. IL Havana. Becker & Long V02 5c, 25c. XF 2pcs.

1945. IL Hecker: Small Town. John Keller V02, Dark R6, slice cut off left side.

1946. IL Herrin: Unlisted Variety of BPOE. "B.P.O.E./No./1146//GF5cIT" AL About VF.

1947. IL East Dubuque: Unlisted Merchant. "Hi-Ho Tavern/East Dubuque/Ills.//GF5cIT" BR, 6-sided, nice.

1948. IL Herrin: Unlisted Denonmination: Two Varieties. BPOE No. 1146, as V-01 but unlisted "GF25centsIT", scalloped AL. This comes in "Far-Star" and "Near-Star" varieties, with the N-S much rarer. Vacketta obviously bought out the BPOE and has over 200 of the F-S, but only a handful of the N-S. Evidently the manufacturer had problems, as all the N-S varieties are weakly struck, either obverse or reverse, none better than F-VF at best. 2pcs. Also included is a BLANK obverse, with the 25Cent side only! 3pcs total (MB $8.00)

1949. IL Highland: Dairy. G.A. Riechert V05, also listed in Reiter DAIRY book. AL R4 VF.

1950. IL Hyde Park: Unlisted Town. Hyde Park - Kenwood Centennial medal, 1962, 50c, BR, Unc.

1951. IL Jacksonville: Unlisted DAIRY set. "David G. Claus/Jacksonville,/Ill.//GF1QuartMilk" 6-sided AL; Same, but PINT Milk, scalloped AL. XF/AU. 2pcs

1952. IL Jacksonville. The Drexel V03 (incuse) (3pcs); "The/Drexel//GF10cIT" Square red plastic; Same, Round Red; "Pieper's/Cigar/Store/Jacksonville,/Illinois//GF25cIT" Scalloped Zinc, XF+ dark. 6pcs. (MB $15.00)

1953. IL Kankakee: Unlisted. "Melody Bar/203/W. Court/St./Kankakee, Ill.//GF10cIT" AL XF.

1954. IL Kansas. W.C. Wooten V03-10. AL R6. All 4 varieties of the town are R6. Small town.

1955. IL Kewanee: Unlisted. "Richard Naseef/Confectionery/Cigars/Tobacco/& Fruits/Kewanee/Ill.//GF25cIT" AL VF.

1956. IL Kings. "Bud & Lums/Tavern/Rt. 64/Kings, IL//GFOneDrink" Wood, somewhat dirty.

1957. IL Ladd: Set. Ladd Moose VA03 5c, 10c. BR R3/ea. 2pcs, XF, minor spots.

1958. IL LaSalle: Small Lot. Essl's Tavern VB16; Joe Goreshek VA21-5 (2pcs); Rainbow V38-5a; Rose Bowl VE39 5c (crud); 25c AU (5pcs); Witzeman's V49-5 CUT-OUT HEART (4pcs). 14pcs. (MB $35.00)

1959. IL Lomax: Unlisted Set. "Lomax/Canning/Factory//(blank)" AL; "Lomax/Canning/Co./Lomax, Ill." BR Dark. 2pcs

1960. IL (Long Grove) Unlisted Town! "Wooden/Good For/$1.00 Off/Any Purchase of/A Pound or More/Pasta/$1 Dollar $1//Farmside/(bldg)/Country Store", wood. Positive ID to Long Grove.

1961. IL Marion: Unlisted Merchant! "Worth 5c on your next purchase/At/Cline-Vick/Pharmacy/.../Marion, Illinois, etc.//buffalo" Wood.

1962. IL Mark. Sports Tap V03 10c Unc. AL R4

1963. IL Mascoutah: 2 Kolb, ca. 1890. Rulau lists as ca. 1890's, K. Kolb & Son, V06 25c,$1. AL, all with neat early reverses. 2pcs

1964. IL Matoon: Unlisted 2 1/2c! "F.C. Holmes/Wholesale/&/Retail/Liquors/Matoon, Ill.//GF 2 1/2c IT" AL Oct. GEM BU.

1965. IL Maywood. James Giles VC01 BR R6.

1966. IL Metamora: Unlisted Set - DUAL TOWNS! "G. & B. Stores/Metamora/&/Cazenovia/Ill.//GF5cIM" AL; same, 25c & 50c, 3pc set; Vogel's Garage LARGE $1.00 ON A TIRE, V04 AL R5. 4pcs, XF-AU.

1967. IL Milan. Marando's V02 BR R5 Unc.

1968. IL Milton: Unlisted Town! "F.J. Adamson/Milton, Ill.//GF5cIM" Square BR, carefull 4-punch mark center cancellation marks. Nice VF+.

1969. IL Moline: Unlisted Merchant. "H & H Inn/1708/3rd Ave./Moline//GF10cIT" BR VF+

1970. IL Moline Lot. "Coppens/Tap/1712/7th St/Moline, Ill.//5cIT" AL; "Mueller/Restaurant//GF5cIT" AL (attribution by consignor); Reyes V12 (2pcs); Wells Fargo V17; W.H. Wolf V18 BR R5 older. 6pcs (MB $20.00)

1971. IL (Monmouth): Unlisted. "C.J./Pub/Good/for one/Drink//(blank)" yellow plastic. ID from seller of other Monmouth tokens.

1972. IL (Monmouth): Unlisted. "Danny's//(blank)" red plastic, ID from seller of other Monmouth items.

1973. IL Monmouth: Unlisted Set. "Filling/Station #3/Monmouth/Ill.//Rain/(umbrella)/Check" RED plastic; Same, but GREEN. 2pcs. (MB $8.00)

1974. IL Monmouth: Unlisted DAIRY Lot. "Maple City/Diary/Pasteurized/Milk/Monmouth, Ill.//GF1QuartMilk" Scalloped AL; Same, but One Pint, AL (3pcs, 2 cruddy). 4pcs

1975. IL Monmouth: Unlisted Pair. "Post 136/(AmerLegion logo)/Monmouth, Ill.//GFOneDrink" black plastic, AND, Same, but "GF OOne Mixed Drink or Beer" red plastic. 2pcs.

1976. IL Monmouth: Lot. Jones Alcazar V12; Palace V20 (2 different varieties); Western Boiler V24, edge spots. 4pcs.

1977. IL Mounds. Imperial Cafe V01-10c BR R6. 3pcs, one w/edge clips, XF, dark.

1978. IL Mount Pulaski: SemiCentennial (So-Called DOLLAR?), 1886. "Mount Pulaski Semi Centennial Celebration/(bldgs)/Happy Homes 1886//Founded by.../(log cabin)" W-M, top hole, 34mm, Dark VF.

1979. IL (Nauvoo) Unlisted DAIRY Tokens. Listed in Reiter: Neat very OVAL AL "Reimbolds//Good For/Ice Cream/Soda"; "Reimbolds//GFOne/5c/LoafofBread" AL scallops, small 19mm. XF 2pcs. (MB $10.00)

1980. IL New Baden. Flamingo Club V06 AL 2pcs.

1981. IL New Berlin: Single Variety TOWN! M. Gebhart V01 BR R6, Dark VF/XF.

1982. IL New Minden. Winte & Cullmeyer V01-50 BR R5

1983. IL Naples: Unlisted from Small Town! "Boatel/Naples,/Illinois/217-754-3984/River Mile 65.5//GF$1.00IT" BR, A.U.

1984. IL North Chicago. John Merlacks Tavern VB02-25 AL R4 AU+

1985. IL Oakdale. Wm Kleinschmdt V02 50c, $1 (2pcs, one w/edge cut off). 3pcs (MB $8.00)

1986. IL Oglesby. Roda Bros. Tiny 25c token, only 16mm square. AL, XF/AU. R5.

1987. IL (Oglesby). Roda's Nite Club. BR, UNC, minor spots. R5

1988. IL Onarga: Unlisted. Onarga Mercanitle as VB01, unlisted $1.00 BR 6-sided AU.

1989. IL Oregon: Dairy. A.F. Bechtold Milk VC01 AL R6.

1990. IL Palmyra: Unlisted. "Grimmett/&/Walters/Palmyra, Ill.//GFOne5c/LoafOfBread" BR XF.

1991. IL Pekin: Unlisted MILK - CHOICE. J.H. Pfanz/Pekin/Illinois//GF1PintofMilk", Oct. AL CHOICE UNC.

1992. IL Pekin: Unlisted MILK - CHOICE! Pfanz, as above, 1QuartMilk, Scalloped AL. CHOICE UNC! (MB $5.00)

1993. IL Peoria: Unlisted. "Dommer/& Dehn//GF5cIT" AL Unc (2pcs); "C.W. Meyer/3401//California Ave./GF5cDrink" BR dark; Onken's Laundry VA42 (2pcs, XF & AU+), ca. 1914 BR R6. Attributions by consignor. 5pcs.

1994. IL Peoria: Space Medals for Bowling Alley. Interesting lot of silver-dollar sized N-S medals: "Airport Bowl/(jet plane)/Peoria, Illinois//Sheppard-Roosa-Mitchell/(2 moonwalkers)/Apollo XIV/etc."; same, rev: "Apollo XV/(lunar buggy)/etc."; same, blank rev, engraved with name/year/score (2diff); AL 50th Anniv. piece. 5pcs. (MB $4.00)

1995. IL Percy: Unlisted Merchant. "J.C. Brown,/Percy,/Ills.//GF50IM" Square AL XF

1996. IL Peru. Pirc's Tavern, OVAL AL, V-A13 5c, 25c; V-B13 R5/each 3 different, VF/XF. 3pcs.

1997. IL Poplar Grove. Bill's Place V01 BR R4 VF.

1998. IL Quincy. York Club V39 AL R5 nice!

1999. IL Quincy: Lot. "B. & H.//GF5cIT" BR; "L/Club//5" BR; "GF/5Cents -(owl) IT/Smoke House//(same)" White Fiber $1 size, 2pcs; Same, 10c Red; "Union Cigar/Store/502/Hampshire St.//GF5cIT" BR Square; "V.D./Place//5" VERY OLD, BR. 7pcs metal, PLUS: "Great 6th St. Tea Store 10c Cash Check" small cardboard checks, 3 different in blue. 10pcs total (MB $40.00)

2000. IL Ridge Farm. Hueston & Co. V01 AL R6 G/VG

2001. IL Roanoke. Rileys Sanitary Grocery V04-10 AL.

2002. IL Rochelle: Unlisted. R & W., as VC06, but 25c, BR, XF, toned spots.

2003. IL (Rockford) BPOE. "B P O E/64//25" N-S, XF.

2004. IL Rockford Wood. "Dahlgren-Johnson/Custom/Cabinets/1000 9th St./Rockford, Illinois/964-2026/10% Discount/On Any Purchase//Wooden Nickel/(buffalo)" wood.

2005. IL (Rockford) DAIRY. "D.S. Darrow/Dairy//GF1QuartMilk" AL OVAL, F/VF dings.

2006. IL Rockford: Unlisted. "DI-AB-CO/619 Warren Ave./Rockford, Ill. 61107/815-399-0018/Abrasive Systems &/Equipment/Leo Pirrollo//TUIT" wood.

2007. IL (Rockford): Eagles Club. Schlitz on Tap; GF 5c IT. BR, Unc.

2008. IL (Rockford) Wood - Realtor. "Build, Buy, or Sell - Do It With/Dale/Gesner/654-1650*229-0400//TUIT" wood.

2009. IL Rockford Speedway Woods. Lot of 3 different from "Rockford Speedway"/etc., "Hugh Deery's" on one, all One Free Child Admission. 3pcs. (MB $9.00)

2010. IL Rockford: Unlisted. "Lindsay/Ph. 965-4796/1669 Charles St./Rockford, Ill.//Lucky No./3983 (no. stamped in red)//Lindsay/Soft Water" wood, blue ink.

2011. IL Rockford: MENTER CLOTHING on CREDIT. One of the series of MENTER tokens, with large EAGLE. V-A09, R4, BR. Mostly bright AU.

2012. IL Rockford DAIRY. Rockford Dairy V12 Pint Milk AL R6, VF/XF pitting, bubbling.

2013. IL Rockford: Unlisted. Set of 3: "Valid Only At/Roco Tire/3135 N./Rockton Ave./Rockford, IL/etc." 1984 25c white, 25c yellow, 50c blue. 3pcs. (MB $9.00)

2014. IL (Rockford). "Verdi//GF5cIT" AL from the Verdi Club, well-known private club in Rfd. Set of 3: 5c, 25c, 50c. XF-AU. (MB $10.00)

2015. IL Rock Island Lot. "V.M. Bechtel" Ingle $1 N-S (2pcs); "Hill Top/Club/Room/Rock Island//GF25cIT" Sq AL; "Ikes/Tavern//GF5cIT" Sq BR, corr.; "Moose/190/Rock Island//GF5cIT" AL; "The Rock Island Club//GF5cIT" BR Unc; EJ Shields V18 R5.

2016. IL (Rock Island) Billiard. Grand Billiard Parlor, V-B08, AL R5

2017. IL Rock Island HICKEY BROS. Lot. V8-50; V10; V12-25; V13-50. VG-VF, a couple w/bends. 4pcs

2018. IL (Rock Island) Billiard. Grand Billiard Parlor, V-A08, AL R5

2019. IL Rossville. Cornell's Recreation Parlor VA01 AL R4

2020. IL Rossville: DAIRY. Horace Stewart 1 Quart Milk AL R6 VF, some crud on rev.

2021. IL Rossville. Cornell's Recreation Parlor VA01 AL R4

2022. IL Rossville. E.J. & E Cigar Store V03 BR R5 XF

2023. IL Rossville. Sid Watson's, V-07, BR R3

2024. IL St. Anne. S.J. James V02 BR AU R5

2025. IL Sidell. Quality or Central Cafes, V-03-10, holed & punched by issuer, AL R4

2026. IL Sidell. Quality or Central Cafes, V-03-10, NOT holed (as most of these are!), AL VF/XF.

2027. IL Sidell. Scotty Cafe V04 5c, 10c, V05. AL R4/ea, damaged. 3pcs (MB $12.00)

2028. IL Siegel. Kaufman & Rogers VA02 5c,10c (3), 25c,50c,1.00. BR R6/ea. 7pcs. (MB $10.00)

2029. IL Sigel: Unlisted. "Sigel/GF10CtsIT (in center)/Booster Club (i)//(Schmidt mark)" Sq AL; Kaufman & Rodgers VA02 SET of 5 BR R6/ea. 6pcs. (MB $20.00)

2030. IL South Pekin. A.H. Shugrue, 5c, V-02, AL, R5

2031. IL Springfield. Bany Ferrel V20 R5 dark/crud; "Meyer/And/Jabusch/523/E. Monroe//GF25cIT" AL; "158//1.00" (Elks) AL. 3pcs.

2032. IL Springfield: Unlisted SET of 4. "Curt Winters/Tavern/201/E. Washington/St./Springfield, Ill.//GF5cIT". Brass set of 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, XF-AU, minor toning/spotting. (MB $15.00)

2033. IL Spring Valley. Baracani's VE01-50 AL 50c R4, bent/straighted.

2034. IL Steelton: COAL SCRIPT SET. H. Snider V01, full set: 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1 (2pcs, no c/m). AL R6/each. 6pcs (MB $25.00)

2035. IL Stillman Valley. "Brennan's/East End Tavern/(beer, wine pictorial)/Stillman Valley, IL.//GFOneDrink" Blue plastic. VF, used.

2036. IL Stockton: CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps. Unlisted: "610th/Company/C.C.C.//GF5cIT" BR, VF/XF, mottled. (MB $20.00)

2037. IL Streator: Harry Wilson, 2pcs 5c, 25c. AL (25c bent)

2038. IL Streator: Vacketta's Collection: PART THREE. Patrick & Amell V55 R5 AU; V56 5c, 25c; V57; V57 unlisted 25c; Patterson & Wahl VA58-5b; VB58 BR R6 XF; Peaches Place V58 R5, older, XF; John Plesko V59 R5 AU; "Prendergast/Billiard/104 S./Bloomington/St.//GF5cIT" BR (V: ca. 1914) Dark XF; Proud Bros. V62 ca. 1914, star Cutout; V63; V65; V66 (2 diff); V67 5c, 10c; Enoch Pugh V68 R5; Reeders Smoke Shop VA70-5a; John Rettof V70 AL R6 XF, holed; Rex Club VA71; Ryan & Hopper VB71 5c, 25c; Michael Sabo VC71 AL R6 ca. 1914, possibly cut down; Safarcyk Service Station VD71; Carl Savage V72 OVAL; V73 5c, 10c; Wm. J. Schmitz VA74; VB74; John Schultz V74 AL R6 AU nice, older. 31pcs, nice lot! (MB $150.00)

2039. IL Table Grove. C.H. Haist & Son V02 5c & $1.00, both BR R6, c/m "H", VF-XF.

2040. IL Tovey: UNLISTED TOWN! "Frank S????A/Tovey,/Ill.//GF5c" AL older style, damaged, letters removed, small bend, VF.

2041. IL Trenton. Trenton Park V03 BR R4, dark.

2042. IL Trowbridge. Doll & Kennedy V01-5c AL R5

2043. IL Trowbridge: Complete Town Set! Doll & Kennedy V01 5c,10c,25c,50c,$1 AL R5/each 5pcs. (MB $20.00)

2044. IL Urbana. D.A.V. #8 V03-10b AL R3 AU.

2045. IL Prison Token: Vienna. Single token, my choice. Unc. (MB $4.00)

2046. IL (Villa Grove). Foster's Recreation V02, V03, Pete's Recreation V07 AL. 3pcs. (MB $10.00)

2047. IL Waggoner. J.E. Vignos BR V-A02 with center hole as made (not listed as such in Vacketta, but probably the same). Minor crud. Incorrectly listed as V-A02, but is a maverick.

2048. IL Walnut: SMALL TOWN - Unlisted Merchant. "Walnut Cash Store/General/Merchandise/Walnut, Ill.//GF1cIM" AL XF, small hole.

2049. IL Warsaw. Albert Wisch V12 BR R6 VF; "Edward Wisch/Warsaw/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL VF. 2pcs.

2050. IL Washburn: Unlisted $-Sized AL FORD/FORDSON. "O.F. Dyar/Ford/and Fordson/Sales and Service/Phone 62/Washburn, Ill.//GF$1.00OnAPurchaseof$20.00orOver" AL 38mm, XF+. (MB $10.00)

2051. IL Waukegan: Unlisted. "Moose Lodge 706/Good/For/One Drink/Waukegan, IL//(blank)" Plastic: white, yellow, blue. 3pcs. (MB $10.00)

2052. IL West Brooklyn. Bunk's Tavern V01-10 BR R4 VF

2053. IL Westville. American Legion Post 51 V-01-10a AL R4

2054. IL Westville: Fiber. John Lutchka's Sportsmen Inn V-36, red fiber R4

2055. IL Westville. Charlies Place V-11-5 BR 5c R6

2056. IL Westville. Reano & Vacketta V31 VF

2057. IL Westville: Lot. American Legion Club V01-5; V01-10a (3pcs); Herman & Harrold Cigar Store (ca. 1905) V19 BR R6 AG, rev worn; Thomas Perona V25 (a saloon), neat style with "Westville" in "U" shape, R6 VF; Reano & Vacketta Soft Drink Parlor V30; V31; Lutchka's Sportsmen Inn V36; Westville Cigar Store V44 R5 AL AG/bent/worn; Mike Wideman V47 BR R6 (early!) Dark VF. 10pcs. (MB $60.00)

2058. IL Wheeling: Unlisted, Was Single Variety Town. "The Roadhouse/(man with rifle)/Wheeling, Ill.//GF/Except/Fri. &/Sat./50c Drink" Wood.

2059. IL Williamsville: SMALL TOWN - Unlisted Merchant. "Bobs Place/Williamsville/Ill.//GF5cIT" AL 6sided UNC.

2060. IL Woodbine: UNLISTED TOWN! A small town west of Freeport on the way to Galena, consists of a small downtown and a couple of bars. "Winters Bros./Tavern/Woodbine,/Ill.//GF5cIT" older BR, nice XF/AU.

2061. IL Wyoming. Sword's Tavern V04-20 OVAL AL R5 Fine dark.

2062. IL (Zion/Benton) Unlisted Dual Town. "Z-B/Lodge/667//(Moose)/Moose" Red Plastic Unc.


2063. IL Illinois WOODEN NICKEL CENTENNIAL Lot. Aldeo 1953 (2pcs); Braidwood 1965, stain; Morrison 1955. 4pcs (MB $5.00)

2064. IL BULK WHOLESALE LOT of Trade Tokens. DEALERS ONLY! Consists of 25 EACH of Herrin V01 BPOE No. 1146 (R4) and Sidell Quality or Central Cafes V03-10 AL (holed) R4, all about VF-XF. 50pcs. NO Min. Bid.

2065. IL Car Wash & Parking Lot. (Chicago) "Rheem/Mfg./Co.//(blank)" BR (Vacketta: Parking); CW 150D Elston Harding; CW 150G Marigold; CW 150H Flash; CW 151A Goldblatt's; 151B; Champaign 5c; Danville Leaths Two Hours; City of Danville (6pcs); Harvey Federal; Nat'l Bank Mattoon (2pcs); WA3600A Olympia parking and 10 others. 28pcs

2066. IL Freeport: Unlisted Merchant Cardboards. Interesting set of rectangular c/b: "GF Drinks Only/5c/"26 Club"/24 W. Main Street/Freeport, Ill.//(blank)" blue 5c; yellow 10c; red 25c (2vars); Same, but "26 W. Main" 5c, 10c, 25c. 7 different. (MB $30.00)

2067. IL Cardboard Tokens Lot #1. Lincoln: Orient Tea Store 4 varieties 8pcs; Gifford: Matt's Pool & Lunch Room Orange. All rectangular, 9pcs, Ave F/VF+

2068. Cardboard Tokens Lot #2. Lincoln: Orient Tea Store, 4 diff; Streator: Grand Union Tea Co. Tea Check, Brooklyn NY, with serial number; Quinmcy: Great 6th St. Tea Store blue & Green 9 diff. All rect. 14pcs. Ave F/VF+.

2069. Cardboard Tokens. Gifford: Matt's Pool & Lunch Room 5c, 25c, rect; Okawville AL Schlich 50c, $1 (2pcs); "GF/One Pint Milk/G.S. Wagner." 6pcs (MB $6.00)

2070. IL Cardboard Tokens. (Aledo) C.F. Hoaglin, $1, green round; Canton J. Barney VA01-25; Same, $1 very poor; Centralia Block Pool V03; Cisne WH Barth V01 5c, 50c; (Danville) B&W Tavern, 10c rect; Platt Bros V100; Freeport Brewster Annex 25c rect; Gifford Harry's Pool Hall 5c rect; (Jacksonville) The Rex 25c rect; Martinsville B01 (3 diff); EC Miller V01; Okawville AL Schlich V01 10c,50c,$1 (2pcs), $5; Petersburg NP Nelson V05 2c,5c; Quincy Musselman One Package 25# Sugar rect; Somonauk HF Herzog V02; Strouss & Sherman V03; Springfield John Herrun VC25; (Tamms) Graggry Bros. 6 Quarts (2pcs) rect; (Waupaca, probably WI) Carroll's Billiards 10c; 15c rect; (unknown) "Russell Halbertstadt" 10c IT rect; Peru and Spring Valley: "Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria Ry.Co." Passage, rect. 32pcs (MB $35.00)

2071. IL Chicago: The Royal Tailors Business Card, 1906. Interesting card picturing building "2500 Employees" (!!)//Calendar for 1906 with pic of Tiger. Nice go-with for the tokens! VF.

2072. Illinois Encased Coins: Part I. Apparently all Fankhauser pieces: Berkel, Belleville; Clyde Hand, Calumet (2); Bob's Coin; Graf Coin, Chicago; Mattoon Coin; Dave Bowers, Central IL Numis Springfield; Virl Z Hill Chevrolet Streator; Tondini, Villa Grove; Dr. Drake's; Las Vegas Club.

2073. Illinois Encased Coins: Part II. Alton Baking 1975; Old Second, Aurora, 1955 UNC; Go To Ben's, Chicago 1955; Berkowitz Department Store, Chi, ca. 1920 w/o cent; Elmore 1923 XF; square Lincoln Square 1959 AU; Miracle Ham, 1949 VF/cleaned; North Towne check, 1946 AU; Ray's Coin 1956 XF; Ye Olde Cellar w/encased token, AG; The Bargainieria East St. Louis 1946 F; Carroll Crawford, Georgetown 1950 G; Packomatic, Joliet 1946 AU; New Salem State Park, 1947, 1973 2vars; UO Colson, Paris, 1945 VG/crud; Gene's Barber, Paxton 1967 AU; Springfield Marine Bank 1958 XF; Lincoln's Home, Springfield 1966 XF; Diamond horse Shoe, Westville, 1946 VF/damage. 20 diff.

2074. Illinois Encased Coins: Part III. Bader Motor, Astoria 1948 XF; Bennet Centennial 1955 AU; White Motor, Blue Island 1948 VF; International Service, Brocton 1946 VF; Lindley Chev. Charleston 1948 VF/cleaned; Barkman Chev, Danville, 1948 XF; Black Cat Liquor, Danville 1946 XF; Fidelity Loan Danville, 1968 AU; National Bank of Mattoon 1958 AU; Central N'tl Bank, 1961 AU; Peoples State Bank, Newton 1975 Unc; Lakan's Tavern, Ottawa 1957 VF/crud; Probst Lbr. Co, Paris 1904 IHC, G/crud; DeWitt-Isley, Paris 1949 VF; DeLuxe Cab, Paris, 1949 XF; Pickinpaugh Motor Co, Rushville 1948 VF; IOOF, Springfield 1924 VF/crud; Foor's Auto Parts, Tower Hill, 1949 AU; First National Bank, Tuscoal 1966 AU. 19pcs

2075. IL Provisonal Sales Tax: VIRGINIA. Scarce! VF.

2076. IL IL SALES TAX Token Lot. Carbondale Unc; Gillespie dark; Jacksonville VF; Matton XF; Moline AL XF (2pcs), BR VF; Monmouth VF; New Boston BR XF; Paris XF; St. Anne (2pcs) VF; YCMA Whiteside XF. 13pcs

2077. IL Dog Tags: Moline & Rock Island. Moline 1963-67, 1968; RI 1965. 7pcs, XF.

2078. IL DOG TAGS: Danville & Joliet. Danville: 1935 Tag with DOG center. VF. Joliet: 1976 XF.

2079. IL Scott Air Force Base. "S A F B/#2855/NCO/Open Mess//GF25cIT" BR XF spots

2080. IA (Blakesburg) Unlisted Merchant, Small Town. "Chidester/Cafe//GF5cIT" AL XF

2081. HI Modern Hawaii Storecard Lot. 1847 repro, 2 diff; HI Dollar 1973 (2); Kauai Dollar 1973 (2); Statehood $1 1960 (3); Hilo dollar. 10pcs, AU-Unc.

2082. IA Iowa Falls: BI-METALS. Lot of 4: W.V. Shipley & Co. 10c, 25c (2pcs), 50c. VF-XF. 4pcs

2083. NY Penfield SALOON. "The Stirrup/Saloon/385-9124/2514 Baird Rd. Penfield, NY//(blank)" red plastic.

2084. OH Payne: DAIRY. Maple Grove Dairy A.J. Mooney Prop. 1 Pint Milk, BR VF.

2085. UT Salt Lake City. Scarcelli and Fratello, Drink or Cigar, N-S XF.

2086. WA Tacoma. "(Indian)/Tacoma/Grill & Inn//GF5cIT" AL, 3pcs.


2087. IL Wooden Nickels: Good-For! Vacketta collected wooden nickels avidly, as he knew they rapidly became rare. Generally he had two examples of each. I have previously listed all the woods individually in previous sales, and mostly sold one or more of each, for $4 to $25+ each. This lot consists of the unsold pieces, many listed in the IL book. 23 mixed, generally "Good For" 5c or something, or a discount, or somesuch, but no Centennials. Should be cheap at about $2/each. 23pcs, some duplication. (MB $50.00)

2088. Nice LOT of Wooden Nickels. All standard rounds, none obviously from IL. 37 "Good-For" woods & 11 others, various states, events, etc. Some duplication. 48pcs.

2089. IL Centennial WOODS Lot. Includes wooden nickels from: Annawan (2); Chenoa; Ford Co; Hull (2 diff); Lostant; Mattoon; Mitchellville; Morrison; Okawaville; Ridge Farm; Rock Falls; Shannon; Sheldon (2diff); Trenton (2); Wenona. 19pcs, No M.B.

2090. Mixed States TRADE TOKENS. Balance of the Vacketta non-IL trade checks, mavericks and other tokens. Includes IN Goshen; IN Terre Haute; IA Burlington Haller's; Chatsworth Jim's; Cedar Rapids Dows Maniti; Center Point 150 Gulf; IA Falls Shipley bi-metals (6); KS Kansas City Hennies Bros Shows; MI Detroit Al's Tav (3); MN East Grand Forks D.B.; Minn. The Ace; OH Columbus Central Conf; OR Toledo Al's Place; WA Bothell Keystone; Deer Park Dieter's Old Corral; WI Arnott Ronnie's; WY Cheyenne Frontier Days; BC Mission Diamond Dairy; "Big Bill's Tavern" incused BZ maverick (7); plus others! 57pcs

2091. Mixed Maverick Token Lot. Lot of unidentified mavericks, includes "(outline of horse)/1007//GF5cIM" BR 13pcs, possibly amusement. Plus interesting pieces, some possibly identifiable, others probably not. Includes a number of older pieces, by design. Includes cigar, Candy, cut-outs, one BBC (well worn), about 80pcs, mixed mostly metal, AG-AU. 80 & 13, about 93pcs total.

2092. Mixed Maverick Token Lot. Another interesting lot of about 104 maverick tokens, all metal, includes a number of older types, many initials, names, etc., some possibly identifiable, others not, G-XF. Plus lot of 25+ tokens with denominations only, many dups, XF/AU. About 129 pcs. (MB $50.00)

2093. Mixed Lot VIDEO ARCADE Tokens. Lot of about 93 mixed relatively modern arcade tokens, a few older slot machine and other tokens included, some bimetal transit, etc. Mostly bronze, mostly XF, a few cruddy.

2094. KKK: Ku Klux Klan: Ohio, 1928. "Knights of the Ku Klux Klan/(man on horse)/Realm of Ohio//Ohio/1928/I was There". Birdsell KK-228, copper. If you collect KKK material, you've seen these, from various states. These have been copied in recent years, with the lower left lettering of "Whitehead & Hoag" replaced by a series of dots (see KK-227.1). This is an original, from a small hoard from a Ohio KKK member. Nice Unc, very slight rub from contact with others. Scarce. (MB $60.00)
COMMENT: NO, I do NOT condone the KKK or their principles, this is a collectible ONLY.

.===== end of sale.

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