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THANK YOU for your request for information on your collectible.

THANKS for your inquiry requesting free research on your item. As I am now getting numerous inquiries daily for research, I've basically run out of time, and I am no longer able to provide free information. Sorry, I wish had unlimited time to respond to inquiries, but I don't!

See the major section below for FREE appraisals on FRANKLIN MINT and other modern mint items.

My business is to buy, sell, trade and auction all types of exonumia: tokens, medals, badges, ribbons, Slave Tags, Indian Peace Medals, World's Fair, Political, Historical Americana, Modern Mint items and other small collectibles. I am not in the business of providing free research, sorry! If I sent you this link, I do not have an instant, easy answer to your question.

SELLING: If you are interested in SELLING your item, I am buying! If you have a price in mind, send me an email with the details AND the price desired for my instant acceptance. Sorry, if you are seeking an offer, I am unwilling to make e-mail offers on the item(s) you wrote about. When you have a price, WRITE!

If you would like an offer, please SHIP for my top cash offer. I spend about $6000 per week buying and I seriously want to buy all exonumia. Over the past 30 years, I've bought about 98% of the material sent me, so I know I'm paying top prices. However, I find that 99% of the email inquiries are not interested in selling, just in prices or free research. Frankly I'm in business to buy and sell, not to provide custom free information, and I've simply run out of time to reply, Sorry!
I WANT to buy your material, please SHIP or advise price!

I have LOTS of free information on my web site, with links elsewhere:

INFORMATION: Due to the number of inquiries, and the lack of time, I am unable to respond individually to your inquiry for information on your item(s).For an answer to your question, please consider the following choices:

1. SEARCH this site for similar pieces, possibly listed in a auction catalog. Search on one or two keywords only. The prices realized for my previous on-line World Exonumia mail bid sale auctions are only $5 each.

2. Check the Ultimate Exonumia LINKS pages (and sub-pages) for keywords, and check other web sites..

3. Post your inquiry on the news groups listed at News Groups and Mailing Lists.

4. Pay for Research. Go to and pay $9.95 for a formal review of your item.

5. Pay me for Research: I will formally review your item for (normally) $10 to $20, providing you with any catalog description and retail/wholesale value, etc. Send me an email at specifically stating you will pay for research AND include the information on your item, and I will quote you an exact price, if I can help you. NO charge if I cannot help you.

6. Indian Peace Medal information: See IP

7. Search the web for other web sites.


PAID RESEARCH: For Franklin Mint items issued before 1979, I can research and provide the full title, number issued, issue price, designer name and the price I would pay for only $5 for the first item, $2.50 per item thereafter. If you sell me the item, I will refund your payment.

FREE Appraisal if you are SELLING Modern Mint Items: If you want to sell, I WANT TO BUY! I am BUYING all Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint and other modern mint products. I'm happy to provide my firm buy price FREE for your list of FM items. Just send me an email.

NO GAMES: I PAY what I say I will pay. I really WANT to buy ALL your modern mint items, all Franklin Mint sets, etc.

I WANT to BUY all Franklin Mint and other Modern Mint items! I actively buy ALL modern mint items, and I purchase about 98% of the items sent me. See my Franklin Mint page for more information.

Good luck with your inquiry!


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