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A listing of all known personal pages featuring EXONUMIA: Do YOU collect tokens, medals, buttons, badges, ribbons and other small collectibles, including topics such as Political, World's Fair, Americana, Franklin Mint®* and other modern mints, etc.? Have you seen our BOOK LIST?

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The ULTIMATE Guide to EXONUMIA Links & Resources.

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Personal Pages: Exonumia by Individuals:

Token Bob A place to purchase all types of tokens.

Transportation Tokens Discussion Board.

Roger Heiple G.A.R. - Grand Army of the Republic: Civil War Veterans

Tom Charney Transit, arcade, etc. (back link).

John Ostendorf Sales Tax tokens. (back link).

Michael Wehner A few pieces listed for sale. (back link)

David Cremins Transportation Tokens.

Glyn's Place Louisiana trade tokens, and other LA tokens. (back link 6/00)

Jørgen Sømod In Danish and English, links to various articles.

Play Money of American Children Richard Clothier: Lots of photos. His book on play money is on-line.

Play Money Jack Phillips

Bob Keck Info on mavericks, and some books for sale.

Paul G. Lajoie Statue of Liberty Exonumia Collector

Ken Gaeta California Tokens Wanted and for sale, pictures.

Bob's Tokens Tokens owned.

Forrest Stevens Arcade tokens, etc., with trader list and mavericks.

New York Subway Tokens Transit Tokens pictured, information, links to subway sites. (back-link 3/00)

Jules Verne Tokens, Medals Complete site devoted to Verne, some tokens, medals pictured.

Mike Wallace Links to several different token images.

Novanumis Coin Page Nova Scotia tokens and coins

Napoleon medals Vern McCrea

Bob Gilbert's Numismatic Page Short articles on various exonumia topics.

Chinese Bi-metallic Tokens From a Chinese web site.

Barry Wright Some coins, books, collectibles, Postal Dealer

Richard Young Richard Young

Ben Grogan - Conder Tokens Introduction, images.

Tony Marino - CWT Personal page.

Phil Goldstein Personal page, pictures of modern NY transit tokens.

Michael Rae Personal page, collector of enameled coins, a few tokens for sale.

James Vanek Personal page, collector of 1939-1940 Golden Gate International Exposition items, has duplicates to trade.

Napoleon Medals AOL Personal page, info/pictures on medals.

Rob's Token Page Personal page, some tokens to trade.

Dan Drew: Countermarked Coin Copies Info on fake ancient coins with countermarks.

Marcelo P. Casella Personal page, information on Argentina tokens, in Spanish.

South Carolina Tokens Personal page by Tony Chibbaro, some items for sale, links, photos.

Lusitania Shipwreck Information, images on the wreck, including the Karl Goetz medal.

Coffee Mills Tokens Information, images on Ceylon coffee mills tokens.

Atlantic Telegraph Cable Information, images, links on Field, books, medals, etc.

Canadian Colonial Tokens Only 2 listed, mostly coins.

All That is Bi-Metallic Bi-metal coins and exonumia.

Tag Town Railroad baggage and other metal Tags.

Magic Tokens: Brief introduction, photos.

Trade token Tales Brief introduction, photos on various tokens, esp. on Texas tokens.

The Coin & Medal Collector's Asylum Some medals for sale, articles, links.

French Jetons and other tokens In French, by Stéphan Sombart.

Chopmarks and Philippines Counterstamped Coinage Includes essays on Chopmarks of Foreign Coins and Chinese Sycee, articles, pictures, etc.

Good Luck Tokens Personal collection, various types.

The Chaulmoogra Collection of Leprosaria Leper tokens, related items.

Mitch Reis Boy Scout collector. Information, fakes listed, defined.

Fiesta Jim World's Fair items for sale.

Portals of the Past World's Fair items for sale, other ephemera.

Belgian and other Dog Exonumia Dog medals.

South Carolina Tokens A few pieces for sale.

Jack Wingerter Transit Tokens.

English Silver Tokens And others, with pictures.

Historical and Commemorative Medals Personal collection, lots of pics.

Puerto Rico Tokens With prices realized on internet auctions.

Hobo Nickels Mike Pezak The Hobo Nickel Guy.

Coin of the Realm for the Current Middle Ages (modern piece)

John Aitken. Masonic tokens Comprehensive site with articles, pics.

Encased Coin Pocket Mirrors Encased cents in celluloid advertising mirrors by Tom Cain.NEW Listing.

Austrian Coins Interesting page on Austrian encased coins. Austrian and world coins, tokens and medals. NEW Listing.

Exonumist Keith's online token collection, featuring pics of transit tokens.NEW Listing. Serge Pelletier Canadian Trade Dollars, ECU temporaire, EURO temporaire, moderna lokalmynt or betaalpenningen, Municipal Trade Tokens.(link dead 3/1/00) A few arcade tokens. (link dead 12/00).

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